Gardens Without a Waitlist

Hayes Valley Farm at 450 Laguna St. in San Francisco

Get a Spot in a Community Garden – Without a Wait!

Community gardens are some of San Francisco's most beloved public spaces, as evidenced by the long waiting lists for getting a garden plot. While it can take months or years to get a spot in one of the City's standard allotment-based gardens, several community gardens throughout the city don't have waitlists. 

Many gardens in San Francisco have adopted a communal garden management model. In communally managed gardens, site volunteers share the care and the benefits from the gardens with each other. Since everyone working within the garden takes care of the whole space together, they don’t have any waitlists. If you’re waiting for a garden plot in an allotment garden or if you’re looking for an opportunity to dig in right away, check out this list of communally managed gardens and their open garden workdays, where you can become part of a garden community right away.

Communally Managed Gardens with Open Workdays

Alemany Farm
700 Alemany Blvd.

NOMAD Gardens
 Mission Bay

Please Touch Community Garden
165 Grove St

Quesada Gardens Initiative
1747 Quesada Street

Tenderloin National Forest
Cohen Place at Ellis St

Tenderloin People’s Garden
Corner of McAllister St and Larkin St.

Treat Commons
Treat Ave at 23rd Street (In Parque Ninos Unidos)

Visitacion Valley Greenway
Adjacent to Rutland St. from Tioga Ave. to Leland Ave.  

If your garden has open garden workdays and you’d like to be added to this list, let us know! Email our Urban Agriculture Coordinator at

Photo: Hayes Valley Farm