Where can I find free or low-cost compost in San Francisco?

Locally-produced compost, made from materials diverted from the waste stream, can be obtained for free or at a small cost in San Francisco:

  • San Francisco Public Works has Community Clean Team volunteer days. Many of these have mulch or compost available for volunteers. Check the Community Clean Team web page for details about specific events.They also often include the Gigantic 3 program, a service provided to residents to get rid of large and small unwanted household items; Public Works will try to reuse and recycle these items. 
  • Urban Agriculture Resource Centers - Urban Agriculture Resource Centers are a free monthly service of the SF Rec and Park Urban Agriculture Program. Free compost, soil and mulch are always available for pick up, at a different location each month.  
  • Recology hosts Compost Giveaway days in partnership with SF Environment and other city agencies. Complimentary compost and soil amendments are offered for pickup at garden or farm sites throughout the city. Participants can pick up several gallons of materials for free.
  • Bayview Greenwaste generously donates compost to the community. Compost is available for free if picked up, or can be delivered for a small fee. Pick up free compost Monday - Friday 7am-3:30pm and Saturday 7am-12 noon. For more information or to schedule a delivery. Contact Bayview Greenwaste to arrange pickup or delivery. 

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Photo: Phil Shaw