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SF Energy Watch Success Story: Dollar Market

Operating since 2009, the Dollar Market is a retail store located at 1133 Market Street that sells a wide variety of discounted items from household goods to beauty products and more.

"Participating in the SF Energy Watch program is a smart business investment. This Program helped my business save money."

Dollar Market was approached by a participating SF Energy Watch contractor who identified the store’s existing efficient and inefficient lighting. After analyzing the financial benefits of upgrading the inefficient fixtures Dollar Market opted to follow the contractor’s recommendations by undertaking lighting retrofits throughout the store. More than 100 energy efficient T8 linear fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts and reflectors were installed. The installation process was quick and without disruption to the business. The upgrades did not only result in annual savings of $2,884 but also brightened up the merchandise.

SF Energy Watch staff ensured that the installation was completed properly. Pleased with the professional turnkey services, Dollar Market‘s management decided to enroll its two other stores in the SF Energy Watch program.

Benefits include:

  • High incentives resulting in quick payback time
  • Fast and professional installation of the energy efficient lighting
  • More uniform lighting throughout the store

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