SF Energy Watch Success Story: Hotel Nikko

Hotel Nikko

Hotel Nikko has been operating for over 22 years in the heart of San Francisco at 222 Mason St. The hotel consists of 510 guest rooms and 22 suites, an atrium-covered 15-meter pool, a dinner theatre, as well as a 24-hour health club featuring the latest cardiovascular equipment, steam rooms, dry saunas, and a whirlpool spa.

"As the only San Francisco hotel to earn the US Energy Star Award six years running, we take our carbon footprint seriously. SF Energy Watch has helped us maintain our energy consumption low."

Hotel Nikko employed their own contractors to replace incandescent lights and MR-16s lamps with 2,270 energy saving compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in guestrooms, elevator and escalators. In addition, about 340 CFLs were installed in the lobby and 64 in the exterior of the hotel. In the swimming pool area, 30 T12 linear fluorescent lights and magnetic ballasts were replaced with T8s linear fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts and 26 CLF lamps were installed.

The hotel's management realized the quick payback on their investment by taking advantage of SF Energy Watch's high financial incentive and free technical services. Hotel Nikko not only reduced its energy consumption but also received positive feedback from employees and guests, enabling it to respond more affirmatively to its green initiatives.

Benefits include:

  • Contribution to a cleaner San Francisco by reducing its carbon footprint
  • Education on LEED Certification
  • Addressing employees and guests concerns about energy efficiency