Recommended Tree Lists

The List of Recommended Street Trees is reviewed and adopted annually by the Urban Forestry Council (UFC). This list helps provide information on species that are the best performers in our city. When using this list to help select a species to plant, make sure to consider microclimates and existing infrastructure. It’s important to keep in mind all factors that may affect a tree in the location that it’s being planted and it’s always better to get a tree that fits the spot well than it is to try and prune it to make it fit.

The List includes trees that do well in just about every microclimate in the city as well as trees that grow well in specific conditions that are part of one climate in the city, but might not be best for another.

The UFC works with key urban forest stakeholders, including the Department of Public Works and Friends of the Urban Forest for an annual review and update.

The 2016 List of Recommended Street Trees