Reduce driving costs by sharing a ride to work with at least one other person. You may carpool as many days as you want, one-way or roundtrip. Carpool with neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends.

The Benefits of Carpooling

  • Share the price of gas and parking
  • Share the responsibility of driving
  • Passengers can use the commute to relax or catch up on work
  • Enjoy discounted trips over Bay Area Bridges during commute hours. Check for toll schedules
  • Get to work faster by riding in the carpool lane
  • Improve air quality by reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions

Get Started Today!

SF Environment helps you find potential carpool partners who live and work near you. Simply sign up to receive a personalized contact list of commuters you can start carpooling with today!

Find a Carpool in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Join for Free
  2. Find potential matches
  3. Click on contact names to connect
  4. Enjoy the $avings, enjoy the ride!

Casual Carpool:  "Casual car pools" or "ad hoc car pools" are informal car pools that form when drivers and passengers meet – without specific prior arrangement – at designated locations.  

For more information, contact:

San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment)
City & County of San Francisco
Phone: (415) 355-3727

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