A vanpool is when 7 or more commuters share a van. Vans may be owned by one of the vanpoolers or leased from a vanpool rental company.

The Benefits of Vanpooling

  • Up to $500 in gas for starting a vanpool!*
  • Discounted San Francisco parking
  • Free bridge toll passes for 11-15 passenger vanpools
  • Share the costs of gas and parking
  • Use Commuter Benefits to save money on your vanpool expenses
  • Passengers can work, read or nap while commuting to/from work
  • Improve air quality by reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions

*New vanpools must meet all 511 eligibility requirements and complete 3-6 consecutive months of operation. Visit 511 Vanpool Rewards for full details.

Get Started Today!

SF Environment helps you find potential vanpool partners who live and work near you. Simply sign up to receive a personalized contact list of commuters you can start vanpooling with today!

Find a Vanpool in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Join for Free
  2. Find potential matches
  3. Click on contact names to connect
  4. Enjoy the $avings, enjoy the ride!

Have questions? Contact a 511 Vanpool Consultant.

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