Recycling and Managing Toxic Products for Businesses

San Francisco businesses must safely dispose of these hazardous wastes:

Most businesses generate waste that is hazardous to the environment and our health. These include solvents, paints, cleaners, fluorescent lights, aerosol cans, printer ink, batteries, and other items.  State law requires that these items be disposed of properly to protect our health and the environment. San Francisco businesses have a variety of disposal options available to them to safely recycle and dispose of hazardous waste.

Schedule a pickup with a certified hazardous waste hauler. 

For a list of certified local hazardous waste haulers providing on-site pick-up or drop-off locations for your waste, look up the item you want to dispose. RecycleWhere lists resources for pick-up or drop-off for Batteries, Car BatteriesCoolantsFluorescent Bulbs & Tubes (CFLs)Oils, Latex Paint, Oil based Acrylic or Lead PaintPrinting InkSolvents, Full or Partially full spray Cans and other waste.

Empty aerosol cans, when both product and propellant have been completely discharged can be recycled in your blue bin.

Take the hazardous waste to Recology.

Businesses that generate less than 220 pounds or 27 gallons of hazardous waste each month are eligible to use the City's low-cost hazardous waste disposal program called the Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) Program.  If you are a business in San Francisco, you can take the hazardous waste you generate to Recology.

The VSQG facility is open every other Wednesday. Be sure to make an appointment at (415) 330-1425. Make sure you have the name of your business, the type and amount of hazardous waste you will be bringing, and how you will bring it.

Disposal fees vary by type and volume of waste, but are heavily subsidized by the city and minimal:

Acids and bases: $5.00 per gallon
Antifreeze: $1.00 per gallon
Asbestos (in 30 lb. bags): $0.25 per pound
Batteries: All types of batteries, alkaline and rechargeable. - FREE, up to 5 gallons per month, More than 5 gallons: $1.00 per pound
Car batteries: No charge
Compressor oil: $4.00 per gallon
Flammable solids: $4.00 per gallon
Fluorescent Tubes, Lamps, CFLS: FREE, up to 30 per month. More than 30 tubes/lamps: $4.00 per unit
Lead paint chips: $0.50 per pound
Motor oil: No charge
Oxidizers: $6.00 per gallon
Paint: $3.00 per gallon
Photofixers and developers: $4.00 per gallon
Poisons: $5.00 per gallon
Printing ink: $4.00 per gallon
Sludges: $4.00 per gallon
Solvents: $4.00 per gallon
Waste in spray cans: $1.00 per can

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