Natural San Francisco

In the heart of the city, San Francisco has astounding biological diversity
San Francisco is located in a global biodiversity hotspot. Our city contains dozens of natural ecological communities, harboring a diversity of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, rare and endangered species, and over 450 native plants.



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San Francisco still has extraordinary diversity of native plant and animal communities, including grasslands, wetlands, coastal scrub, dunes, oak woodlands, and, of course, the Estuary and the Pacific Ocean.


Explore and Restore: people and organized groups participate in community-based stewardship of our local natural lands, restoring habitat and their own nature connection, thereby nurturing local ecological health as well as their own.


The Biodiversity program collaborates with partners on nature conservation strategies and policies. We facilitate sustainable restoration and stewardship of our wild lands and wildlife habitats, and educate the public about our living natural heritage and local ecological stewardship opportunities.


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Local Plant Nurseries
Native plant nurseries in San Francisco or nearby.
Land's End Nature Walk
Walk the Land's End trail in the northwestern corner of the city to experience native habitat, restored by community volunteers.
Grow Your National Park
Volunteer at the Native Plant Nurseries of the Golden Gate National Parks (Presidio Nursery or Fort Funston Nursery)
California Native Plant Walk
"California boasts more native plants than all other states combined...."
Presidio Clarkia
The Presidio Clarkia is a rare and endangered native plant.