Clean Fuels & Vehicles Overview

While predominately used by government and private fleets, vehicles powered by cleaner fuels are increasingly becoming more popular with consumers. Millions of cleaner vehicles are on the road today, fueled by a handful of alternative fuels. With a growing interest in cleaner transportation, enhancements and improvements to these vehicles and fuels are in full swing, offering an expanding number of options to consumers.  The newfound popularity of cleaner fuels and vehicles is transforming how we approach transportation in San Francisco. SF Environment is engaged in several cleaner fuel and clean vehicle efforts, including the SF Electric Drive initiative, which aims to create a comprehensive local and regional electric vehicle charging network. We are also working on greening and reducing the size of the municipal fleet with the help of the SF Clean Cities Coalition, which encourages both the public- and private-sector fleets to use alternative fuels. The SF Clean Cities Coalition also works to promote idle-reduction measures and inform stakeholders of incentives, new technologies, and other opportunities.