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Teacher-friendly curriculum to promote environmental awareness

Use our fun, teacher-friendly curriculum to promote environmental awareness to all ages. 

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Learn what to feed worms in a compost bin.
Learn how much water is needed to produce food, and create a menu that helps conserve water.
Learn how modern conveniences have greatly increased our water use from 150 years ago.
Take an imaginary journey through the water cycle to learn about water in its solid, liquid, and...

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Learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.
Trace everyday objects back to the natural resources from which they were made.
Learn how the sun's heat can be harnessed to cook food, and then construct a solar cooker.
Play a game to learn what materials can and cannot be composted.
Conduct a simple experiment to learn what kinds of things decompose.
Learn how toxic chemicals concentrate at the top of the food chain through biological magnification.