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A dynamic city like San Francisco requires the efficient use of clean, renewable energy to meet the needs of today and future generations. Our innovative policies and programs help San Franciscans use energy wisely, while saving money and reducing environmental impacts.

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Please join the San Francisco Commission on the Environment on September 27th, when it takes its...
Hard-to-Reached rates for accent lighting for commercial businesses and multifamily property...
Orbelian Holdings, L.P. participated in the SFEW program. Read about their experience and savings!
LED T8 Incentive Calculator for commercial businesses and multifamily properties projects.

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Multi-family SWH Consumer Guide
Multi-family SWH Consumer Guide
Un mensaje importante de la Ciudad y Condado de San Francisco Ordenanza de Iluminación Eficiente...
舊金山市和縣的重要訊息 商業燈光照明效率新法規
The Board of Supervisors passed a new ordinance requiring existing commercial and multi-family...
APA Presentation - City of San Francisco
APA Presentation - City of San Francisco
General Information about Small Wind Systems
The SF Planning Department will use these standards for the review of applications to install small...