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Solar Power to the People

The sun gives us the power to generate electricity, keep your shower hot, and heat, cool and light your home in a way that is clean, safe, and sustainable. Solar energy – radiant energy from the sun – is one of the cornerstones of the City’s plan to achieve a 100% renewable electricity supply, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for heating.

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You can use the SF Energy Map to calculate the solar potential of your home.
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In San Francisco, residential and commercial property owners have access to city, state, and federal incentives for solar energy systems. Find out how much you can save!
Currently, if you don't have access to a roof that is suitable for solar then you have no options for owning a solar energy system. However, new options are emerging that offer access to solar ownership for residential and commercial tenants,...
There are a number of different financing options for your solar project, many of which do not require any upfront cost.
There are over 2,800 solar PV systems installed in San Francisco for a total of 19 megawatts and 300 solar water heating systems, all of which are effectively producing clean energy for their owners.