Resolution 004-12-COE Zero Waste Grant Approvals for Fiscal Year 2012-13

Environmental policy and legislation in San Francisco

Resolution 004-12-COE

[Zero Waste Grant Approvals for Fiscal Year 2012-13]


Resolution approving Department of the Environment Funding Recommendations for Zero Waste grant awards to six organizations.

WHEREAS, The Zero Waste grant program of the Department of the Environment administers a grant program and provides funding to non-profit groups; and,

WHEREAS, the Zero Waste grant program is dedicated to funding projects diverting waste from San Francisco’s landfill, thereby assisting the City in achieving its Zero Waste Goal of zero waste by 2020, and achieving this at a low cost per ton of waste diverted; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, the Commission approves the award of Zero Waste grants, totaling $150,000 to be disbursed during FY 2012-2013, in the following way: 

                                                                        FY 2012-2013                      


The Supportive Housing Employment Collaborative (SHEC)                $25,000         

  (fiscal:  Community Housing Partnership)


San Francisco Clean City Coalition                                                           $38,000                                 

Garden for the Environment                                                                         $38,000                      (fiscal: Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council)


San Francisco Conservation Corps                                                           $24,000                                             

Friends of SCRAP                                                                                          $15,000                     

Twice Loved                                                                                                     $10,000                            



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