SFCCC Mission

Founded in 1993 the Clean Cities Coalition is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) nationally coordinated and locally focused environmental initiative to encourage local decision-making, transition to reduce petroleum consumption and promote alternative transportation. The main goal of the Clean Cities Coalition is to reduce petroleum consumption in the United States by 2.5 billion gallons each year until the year 2020. 

Throughout the United States, more than 8,400 stakeholders participate with 100 Clean Cities Coalitions which includes the Bay Area (East Bay, San Jose and San Francisco). In San Francisco our dynamic group of Clean Cities Coalition Stakeholders represents dedicated businesses, local governments, organizations, as well as state and federal agencies contributing to the reduction of petroleum consumption in San Francisco.

With our stakeholders the San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition builds partnerships to adopt petroleum reducing programs, which:

  • Develop and use of alternative and renewable fuels.
  • Implement of idle-reduction measures.
  • Promote improved fuel economy.
  • Encourage the development and use of new clean technologies.

The San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition (SFCCC) makes an important contribution to the overall reduction in petroleum consumption in the United States. San Francisco is committed to using more alternative fuel vehicles, developing clean fuels, and improved transportation options. Find out more about how you and your organization can become a SFCCC stakeholder and participate in this program.