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Local, state and federal policies have been adopted to encourage the use and development of clean fuels.Read>
To support the research and development necessary to provide clean fuels efficiently and to encourage the use of these fuels, there are several incentives offered by the State of California and the federal government.Read>
Biofuel is a renewable fuel that can be produced domestically and derives energy through biological carbon fixation from solid biomass, liquids, and biogases. More common biofuels include biodiesel and ethanol. Read>
Find clean fuels in your area!Read>
Electric vehicles, in combination with renewable energy generation, are very sustainable modes of transportation. Read about the different kinds of electric vehicle chargers available, and where to access them.Read>
Ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane gas are all alternative fuels that can help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Learn about how each alternative fuel performs, and the potential benefits they offer to our environment and economy.Read>