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San Francisco is motivated to make the Bay Area the electric vehicle (EV) Capital of the nation and has identified several objectives, such as increasing public charging infrastructure, facilitating home and workplace charging, and engaging in regional EV planning efforts.
Free electric vehicle charging until 2013! To promote the adoption of EVs and the use of public charging stations in San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee signed an executive directive in 2011 making all public city-owned EV chargers free to use through the end of 2012.



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San Francisco has demonstrated full support of the electric vehicle with the installation of dozens of legacy charging stations in the 1990s and the installation of three, standardized chargers in front of City Hall for the Green Vehicle Showcase in 2009. The City continues to encourage the EV movement with the installation of more chargers throughout the City.


There are a few EVs available to consumers today but with a target of 200,000 EVs in California by 2015 and President Obama’s goal of one million throughout the country by 2015, there is much work to do.  To encourage EV adoption, several incentives from the local, state and federal governments have been offered.  See this section for more.


The Clean Transportation Team has plenty to share with you on what local, state and federal news is taking place in the EV space.  See this section for PR releases and videos on EV activity related to SF Environment activity, EVs charging infrastructure and more. 


To sustain the EV momentum and inspire more to switch to EVs, these Highlights feature the major successes in EV penetration and charging infrastructure expansion.  The Clean Transportation team would like to also give YOU the opportunity to share your EV experience.


In addition to the resources the Clean Transportation team works on, there are a number of resources to provide deeper understanding of the local, state and federal efforts to support EV initiatives.