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SFCCC and its stakeholders work hard to improve our Bay Area communities every day. Our activities stimulate local economies, facilitate the adoption of new transportation technologies, and make communities cleaner, healthier places to live.



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SFCCC promotes biodiesel as an alternative to diesel fuel. Biodiesel is nontoxic, so it causes far less damage than petroleum diesel if spilled or otherwise released to the environment. Biodiesel is a key source of fuel that will help the Bay Area reduce its petroleum consumption.


SFCCC is proud to help promote the development and usage of alternative fuels in San Francisco. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), and Propane are all prominently used as vehicle fuels in San Francisco.

The EVs are coming! Increasing a reduction in petroleum usage involves investing in alternative fuels and vehicles. Electric vehicles are zero-emissions vehicles, which will play an import part in San Francisco's reduction of petroleum consumption and greenhouse emissions. Read>
Californians breathe the worst air in the nation. Idling contributes to air pollution, climate change, public health impacts, and wastes fuel. This campaign aims to empower drivers to take action on idling and encourage others to do the same.Read>