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About Zero Waste Signmaker

Signmaker helps businesses and residents make recycling & composting signs. Select relevant images, write a custom message, and print a sign to post above your indoor bins. 

Make Your Own Recycling Sign

NOTE: San Francisco is currently redesigning Signmaker to include new items that can be recycled and to reflect changes to which bin a few items go in (coffee cups, waxy milk cartons). More details on Signmaker version 2 to come (Fall 2017).

Live or work in San Francisco? Make your own recycling, composting, and landfill signs!

Reuse in Action (Sharing Signmaker across Cities)

The San Francisco Department of the Environment has shared the Zero Waste Signmaker tool with waste prevention specialists in several other cities and jurisdictions. Since cities and counties each have their own recycling, composting, and refuse collection systems, images and colors can be customized to correspond to refuse collection systems. 

Want Signmaker in your city or town? Cities & counties can contact the San Francisco Department of the Environment if they are interested in getting Signmaker for their jurisdiction. 

Different cities have different recycling systems. Select your city:

Signmaker Instructions

1. Pick a Sign - 2. Pick Items for Your Sign - 3. Save Your Sign

1. Pick a sign (Compost, Recycle, or Landfill)

2. Pick items people tend to put in the wrong place. 

3. Save your sign as a PDF, print, and post near your bins.  

Compost Sign

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