04.11.12 Municipal Green Building Task Force Approved Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

Approved Minutes April 11, 2012

Appointed Members:


Clifton Wong   Municipal Transportation Agency   (Present)

Cyndy Scully*  Department of Public Health   (Present)

Houshang Esmaili  SF International Airport   (Absent)

Janet Ng*  SF Public Utilities Commission   (Present)

John Updike   Real Estate Division  (Present) 

Mark Palmer*    SF Environment   (Present)

May Chan*   DPW/Infrastructure Design & Construction (Absent) 

Mohsin Shaikh*  Department of Building Inspection  (Present) 

Raphael Sperry*   Public Member  (Absent) 

Rick Thall*  SF Recreation and Park   (Present)

Roberto Lombardi*   SF Public Libraries   (Absent) 

Tara Lamont   DPW/Building Design & Construction  (Absent)

Wendy Proctor  SF Port   (Absent)

A quorum of appointed task force members was present at the meeting.

In addition, there were attendees representing SFDPW ID&C, SFDPW BD&C, SFDPW/SFGH, SF Environment, Capital Planning, Arup and members of the public.  

Agenda Items:

  1. Introductions
  2. Minutes:  Task Force Meeting Minutes of March 14, 2012 were approved as written.
  3. Announcements:  Highlights include the announcement of City and County of San Francisco as a finalist for the Northern California Chapter of USGBC’s 2012 Green Building Superhero Award in the Green Building Portfolio category.
  4. Presentation: Jason Wilkinson of SmartBIM presented VIMtrek, an immersive collaborative 3D viewer for Revit (Building Information Modeling).
  5. Old Business
  • MP provided an update on data collection for Municipal Green Building Report to Board of Supervisors.
  • MP discussed a minor correction to Environment Code Chapter 7 and asked for comments.
  • Christine Tang presented the final Environment Code Chapter 7 Waiver Notification for SFGH Emergency Generator Project to the Task Force for informational and recordkeeping purposes. 
  1. New Business:  None
  2. Public Comment: None.