April 13 2016 Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting Minutes Draft

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

DRAFT Minutes April 13, 2016

Appointed Members:

Amanda Dougherty, SFPUC Water
Bill Worthen*, Public Member, Urban Fabrick
Cyndy Comerford*, SF Department of Public Health
John Updike*, Real Estate Division
Magdalena Ryor*, Public Works Project Management
Mark Palmer*, Chair, SF Environment
Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

May Chan*, Public Works/Infrastructure Design & Construction

Melina Markarian*, Public Works /Building Design & Construction

Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection

Rachel Kraai, SFPUC Wastewater

Rich Berman*, SF Port

Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Library


Derrick Homer*, SF International Airport

Jessica Perez*, Public Works Landscape Architecture

Ken Lombardi, SFFD

Nishad Joshi, Capital Planning

*LEED Accredited

In addition there were attendees representing SF Public Works, SF Rec and Parks, SF Port, SFPUC Power, SF Environment, SFDPH, NAM, Ambient Energy, Thornton Tomasetti and ELS.

1.      Introductions.

2.      Minutes: The meeting minutes from March 9, 2016 were adopted as written.

3.      Announcements:

·        Palega Recreation Center has achieved LEED v3 BDC Gold certification (24,445 sf). 

·        SFO Terminal 3 has achieved LEED v3 BDC Gold certification (387,510 sf).

·        SF municipal LEED certified projects total 6.2 million square feet.

4.      Waiver Requests: Toks Ajike of SF Recreation and Parks, Susan Vutz of ELS Architecture and Urban Design, and Bill Worthen of Urban Fabrick submitted and presented a waiver request for Balboa Park Recreation Center due to the project’s inability to meet the minimum energy performance prerequisite for LEED certification with the current design and budget.  The Task Force recommended approval of the waiver request with conditions: 1. The type of Waiver Request will be changed from “Other” to “Cost Prohibitive”.  2. The Green Building Requirements may be met by documentation of compliance with LEED standards without registration and certification from those systems. The Green Building Compliance Professional of Record must provide submittal documentation to the Task Force and the Department of Building Inspection showing that the project will meet the appropriate standards, with the exception of the energy prerequisite EAp2.  A Green Building Compliance Professional of Record is responsible for providing verification to the Department of Building Inspection that all Green Building design and construction requirements are met. Where a Green Building Compliance Professional of Record is responsible for verifying compliance with the requirements of the San Francisco Green Building Code, and no third party green building certification is to be achieved, project documents may be reviewed in detail in plan review and inspection, at standard hourly rates for DBI staff time.  3. The project shall include a “solar-ready” roof structure, piping and/or conduit runs and space allocation for inverter and associated renewable energy electrical equipment or solar water heating tanks and equipment in preparation for when funding becomes available for solar.  4. The design team will investigate other options toward actual certification including a USGBC waiver and funding opportunities for solar.   

5.      Presentation: Presentation: Ritha Rivas of SF Public Works Building Design and Construction presented the Fire Station #5 project, a complete replacement of the existing station at 1301 Turk Street.

6.      Presentation: Sachiko Tanikawa, SFE Climate Protection Specialist presented on eliminating natural gas combustion and associated equipment at city-owned facilities.

7.      Presentation: “Building Water Resilience” from the 13th annual Water Conservation Showcase was postponed. 

8.      Old Business: 

·        SF Environment Code Chapter 7 LEED v4 amendment draft will include provisions for Solar plus Energy Storage (S+ES) and elimination of natural gas combustion equipment in new construction and HVAC replacement projects. 

·        Better Roofs policy was adopted by Board of Supervisors on first reading requiring solar installations on all new construction of 10 stories or less.  Trailing legislation will include provisions for a living roof option.  Projects applying for a building permit on or after Jan. 1, 2017 must comply.

9.      New Business: SF Environment Code Chapter 7 compliance for SF Port projects was introduced as a topic for further discussion.

10.   Public Comment: None