February 10 2016 Municipal Green Building Taskforce Meeting Minutes Approved

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

Approved Minutes February 10, 2016


Appointed Members:


Amanda Dougherty, SFPUC Water

Bill Worthen*, Public Member, Urban Fabrick

Cyndy Comerford*, SF Department of Public Health

John Updike*, Real Estate Division

Mark Palmer*, Chair, SF Environment

Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

May Chan*, Public Works/Infrastructure Design & Construction

Melina Markarian*, Public Works /Building Design & Construction

Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection

Nishad Joshi, Capital Planning

Rachel Kraai, SFPUC Wastewater

Wendy Proctor, SF Port



Jessica Perez, Public Works Landscape Architecture

Derrick Homer*, SF International Airport

Magdalena Ryor*, Public Works Project Management

Matt Jasmin*, SF Recreation and Park

Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Library


*LEED Accredited

In addition there were attendees representing SFPUC Power, SF Public Works, SFMTA, SMG Moscone and Ambient Energy.

1.      Introductions. Two new members: Nishad Joshi from Capital Planning and Ken Lombardi from SFFD.

2.      Minutes: The meeting minutes from January 13, 2016 were adopted as written.

3.      Announcements:

·        Solar plus Storage for resiliency – Planning grant to design for resiliency at critical city facilities

·        1500 Mission – Public-Private Partnership for residential towers and municipal office building targeting LEED v4 Platinum.

·        SFFD projects – Integrating client needs with green building requirements.

·        LEED v4 and Alternative Daily Cover – ADC not applicable for landfill diversion calculations.

·        2 New city blanket contracts – Environmental Building Strategies (now rebranded as stok) and Atelier 10/Urban Fabrick JV are now in effect for green building technical assistance to all city departments.

·        City Building Commissioning – Now adding this service to the above contracts.

·        SFMTA Islais Creek – 2001 San Francisco Green Building Pilot Project now under construction.

·        Port Building Code – Needs to reference SF Environment Code Chapter 7.

·        New Forensics Lab – Starting design with HOK.

·        Stormwater and Water Reuse at SFO – Working toward compliance with requirements

·        Public Works Landscape Architecture is promoting the use of SITES v2, a rating system for landscapes and streetscapes.

·        Cost of LEED v4 – new report by BuildingGreen to be distributed.

·        Upcoming projects –Central Vehicle Shops Replacement and DT Public Safety and Radio Shop.   

4.      Waiver Requests: The Waiver Request for Balboa Park Recreation Center has been postponed pending further analysis of LEED prerequisite EAp2 Minimum Energy Performance.

5.      Presentation: Erica Eaton of Building Robotics presented Comfy which offers personalized control of workplace comfort.

6.      Old Business:  

·        SF Environment Code LEED v4 amendment draft was discussed.  Comments due by Feb. 24.

·        Municipal Construction and Demolition Debris Diversion Report was presented: During the last 18 months for 11 LEED Gold and Platinum certified projects an average 98.53% of C&D debris was diverted from landfill.

·        Better Roofs policy will be introduced at BOS on Feb. 23.

·        Proposed Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure requirement is in development.

7.      New Business: None

8.      Public Comment: None