July 9 2014 Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting Approved Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting
APPROVED Minutes July 9, 2014
Appointed Members:
Mark Palmer*, SF Environment
Houshang Esmaili, SF International Airport
John Updike*, Real Estate Division
Matt Jasmin*, SF Recreation and Park

Cyndy Scully*, SF Department of Public Health
Janet Ng*, SF Public Utilities Commission
Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency
May Chan*, SFDPW/Infrastructure Design & Construction
Melissa Hung*, SFDPW/Building Design & Construction
Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection
Raphael Sperry*, Public Member
Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Libraries
Wendy Proctor, SF Port

In addition, there were attendees representing, Exploratorium, SFO T1 Partners, SMG Moscone, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Urban Fabrik, Shorenstein Properties, Brightworks and Sustainable Silicon Valley
Agenda Items:
1. Introductions.
2. Minutes: Approval of the April 9, 2014 and May 14, 2014 meeting minutes is deferred to next meeting.
3. Announcements:
• Debbie Raphael is the new Director at SF Environment
• SF Environment / RMW architecture & interiors wins 2014 Acterra Business Environmental Award
• Hillary Brown presented her new book: Next Generation Infrastructure, Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works, at SFE EcoCenter on June 11.
• Greenbuild 2014 the annual international conference and expo of the US Green Building Council, October 22-24, New Orleans.
4. Presentation and Discussion: Review of Energy Efficiency Requirements: Title-24 Part 6 (2013) and the San Francisco Green Building Code.  Reference: SFDBI Administrative Bulletin AB-093, Attachment H.  (15 minutes) Presentation and Discussion
5. Presentation and Discussion: LEED documentation and certification timelines.
6. Old Business:
• The Task Force accepted and reviewed applications and submitted 2 names to the mayor for selection of the public member to replace Raphael Sperry.
• The MGBTF policy committee will be convened in July to consider the adoption of LEED v4 for municipal construction projects.
7. Public Comment:
• An inquiry was made about other green building rating systems in use besides LEED.  Discussion indicated that LEED has by far the major market share and that competing systems may not be consensus-based or have the technical rigor of LEED.
Reference: LEED vs. Green Globes - A Definitive Analysis http://goo.gl/pzIUVG