May 13 2015 Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting Approved Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

Approved Minutes May 13, 2015

Appointed Members:


Cyndy Scully*, SF Department of Public Health

Derrick Homer, SF International Airport

Claudia Gorham (for John Updike*), Real Estate Division

Mark Palmer*, Chair, SF Environment

Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

May Chan*, Public Works/Infrastructure Design & Construction

Melina Markarian* (for Melissa Hung), Public Works /Building Design & Construction

Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection

Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Library

Rod Nash, SFPUC Power

Wendy Proctor, SF Port

Bill Worthen*, Public Member, Urban Fabrick



Amanda Dougherty, SFPUC Water

Matt Jasmin*, SF Recreation and Park

Sarah Bloom, SFPUC Wastewater


*LEED Accredited



1.       Introductions. Welcome to new Task Force appointees: Derrick Homer representing SFO and Sarah Bloom representing SFPUC Waste Water Enterprise (WWE).

2.       Minutes: The meeting minutes from April 8, 2015 were adopted as written.

3.       Announcements:

·         San Francisco City Hall has achieved LEED Platinum for Building Operations and Maintenance, the oldest building in the US to achieve this certification.

·         Public Safety Building is complete with LEED certification pending.  Rainwater harvesting, graywater reuse and high efficiency fixtures reduce potable water use by 64%.

·         Total LEED certified SF municipal projects = 4,839,812 square feet.

4.       Municipal Project Reports rescheduled to subsequent meetings

5.       Presentation and Demonstration: LEED Online

6.       Presentation and Demonstration: Green Building Information Gateway (GBIG)

7.       Old Business:  Adopting LEED v4 for city projects by a date certain was discussed.  No action taken.

8.       New Business: LEED O&M certification for LEED BDC and IDC projects was discussed.  No action taken.

9.       Public Comment: None