November 9 2015 Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting Approved Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Special Meeting

Minutes November 9, 2015

Appointed Members:


Amanda Dougherty, SFPUC Water

Bill Worthen*, Public Member, Urban Fabrick

Derrick Homer*, SF International Airport

Marta Bayol for John Updike*, Real Estate Division

Magdalena Ryor*, Public Works Project Management

Mark Palmer*, Chair, SF Environment

Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

Melina Markarian*, Public Works /Building Design & Construction

Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection


Cyndy Scully*, SF Department of Public Health

Jessica Perez, Public Works Landscape Architecture

May Chan*, Public Works/Infrastructure Design & Construction

Matt Jasmin*, SF Recreation and Park

Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Library

Sarah Bloom, SFPUC Wastewater

Wendy Proctor, SF Port

*LEED Accredited

In addition there were attendees representing SFO, SF Public Works BDC, SFPUC, Paulett Taggart Architects, Gensler, SFO T1 Partners, Environmental Building Strategies, Norman S. Wright, SJ Engineers, and Ambient Energy.

1.       Introductions.

2.       Minutes: The meeting minutes from September 9, 2015 were adopted as written.

3.       Announcements: Greenbuild 2015 International Conference is next week in Washington DC.  Barry Hooper, SFE is presenting on Recycling in the Age of Product Transparency  and Rich Chien, SFE is presenting on Bring in the Money!!: Unlocking the Private Capital Wave.

4.       Waiver Requests: Reuben Halili, SFO and Kirsten Ritchie of Gensler submitted and presented waiver requests for 5 projects:

A.                  Waiver Request for release from LEED certification requirement for temporary/interim/enabling projects:

1.       Interim Boarding Area B (IBAB)

2.       “Big Room” in Building 710

The Task Force recommended approval for these 2 waiver requests with conditions as stated in Staff Recommendations.

B.                  Waiver Request for release from LEED EAc4 Enhanced Refrigerant Management Requirement for:

3.       Building 624

4.       Fire House #3 (FH#3)

5.       Ground Transportation Unit

The Task Force recommended approval for these 3 waiver requests with conditions.

5.       Old Business:  

·         None

6.       New Business: The following items may be discussed at future meetings:

·         LEED EApc95 Alternative Energy Performance Metric ACP

·         Water Reuse: Existing Buildings

·         SF Port Waterfront Land Use Plan Update 

7.       Public Comment: None