October 8 2014 Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting Draft Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting
Minutes October 8, 2014

Appointed Members:
Cyndy Scully*, SF Department of Public Health
Houshang Esmaili, SF International Airport
Mark Palmer*, Chair, SF Environment
Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency
Matt Jasmin*, SF Recreation and Park
Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection
Bill Worthen*, Public Member
Melina Markarian* (for Melissa Hung*), SFDPW/Building Design & Construction
Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Libraries
Wendy Proctor, SF Port

Janet Ng*, SF Public Utilities Commission
John Updike*, Real Estate Division
Eric Bura* (for May Chan*), SFDPW/Infrastructure Design & Construction

In addition, there were attendees representing SFDPW/BDC, SFPL, HOK, and SFO T1 Partners.
Agenda Items:
1. Introductions.
2. Minutes: The meeting minutes from August 13, 2014 were approved as written.
3. Announcements: Announcements were distributed and discussed.  Highlights:
• Green Building Certification Institute honors and bestows the title of LEED Fellow to Bill Worthen, Public Member of the Municipal Green Building Task Force.
• 8 City staff are registered for Greenbuild 2014: SFE, DBI, SFO: October 22-24. http://www.greenbuildexpo.com/
• LEED v2009 sunsets for new project registrations on June 30, 2015 in October 2016. LEED v4 is currently available for new project registrations.

4. Old Business:
• The Task Force discussed SF Green Building Code, SF Environment Code Chapter 7, Title-24 2013 and LEED v4.  A motion was made and seconded to request a DRAFT amendment to SF Environment Code Chapter 7 revising all Title-24 references to Title-24 2013 and eliminating the energy efficiency compliance margin associated with Title-24 2008.
5. New Business:
• The Task Force discussed the relative merits of increasing the 5000 square foot size threshold for LEED certification of public projects.  This item was referred to the policy committee of the Municipal Green Building Task Force for further consideration.

6. Presentation: Sam Mehta, SFO Environmental Services Manager presented “San Francisco International Airport: Delivering Exceptional Projects – Our Guiding Principles”
7. Presentation: Sarah Zisa of 3Degrees presented “Green Power options: Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets”
8. Public Comment: None