September 9 2015 Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting Final Minutes

Municipal Green Building Task Force Meeting

FINAL Minutes September 9, 2015

Appointed Members:


Amanda Dougherty, SFPUC Water

Bill Worthen*, Public Member, Urban Fabrick

Cyndy Scully*, SF Department of Public Health

Jessica Perez, Public Works Landscape Architecture

John Updike*, Real Estate Division

Magdalena Ryor*, Public Works Project Management

Mark Palmer*, Chair, SF Environment

Mark Rudnicki, SF Municipal Transportation Agency

May Chan*, Public Works/Infrastructure Design & Construction

Mohsin Shaikh*, SF Department of Building Inspection

Roberto Lombardi*, SF Public Library

Wendy Proctor, SF Port



Derrick Homer*, SF International Airport

Melina Markarian*, Public Works /Building Design & Construction

Matt Jasmin*, SF Recreation and Park

Sarah Bloom, SFPUC Wastewater


*LEED Accredited


In addition there were attendees representing SF Public Works BDC, SFPUC, SFDBI, SFO T1 Partners, Environmental Building Strategies, Norman S. Wright, SJ Engineers, Newcomb Anderson McCormick, and Ambient Energy.

1.       Introductions.  Magdalena Ryor, LEED AP BD+C is a new Task Force member representing Public Works Project Management.

2.       Minutes: The meeting minutes from August 12, 2015 were adopted as written.

3.       Announcements: Sunset Recreation Center has achieved LEED v2009 BDC Gold certification.  Total municipal LEED projects = 5,684,961square feet. 

4.       Municipal Project Report: Dan Mauer, PM, SFRP presented the Sunset Recreation Center.  The restoration and enhancement of this 18,000 sf Rec Center exceeded requirements achieving LEED Gold certification.  Innovation and Regional Priority credits were achieved for Water Use Reduction (40% less than baseline), Construction Waste Management (98% diversion from landfill) and Regional Materials (>30% by cost).

5.       Waiver Requests: Representatives from Public Works and SFPUC submitted and presented waiver requests for LEED EAc4: Enhanced Refrigerant Management for 3 projects: Sunol Administration Building, Alameda Creek Watershed Center and Moccasin Building 76.  These projects are designed with Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC systems.  Sunol and Moccasin are targeting LEED Gold certification.  The Watershed Center is targeting LEED Platinum certification.  The Task Force unanimously recommended that all three waiver requests be granted.

6.       Presentation: Matt Macko and Michael Hummel introduced the green building consulting firm of Environmental Building Strategies.  EBS is one of two firms selected to provide as-needed green building technical assistance to city departments through a city blanket contract. 

7.       Old Business:  

·         Better Roofs: Comment period is still open on potential requirement for Solar and Living Roofs in New Construction.

·         Task Force members will report on temperature settings, temperature profiles and chiller on-time in the office where they work.

·         Proposed Regulations to limit SF Environment Code Waiver Requests to no later than the end of Schematic Design phase was discussed.

8.       New Business:

·         Possible term limits for members of the Municipal Green Building Task Force was introduced.

9.       Public Comment: None