San Francisco Department of the Environment

All-Electric New Construction Ordinance

Natural gas infrastructure, indoor and outdoor combustion of natural gas, and climate change pose risks to human health and safety, community resilience, and equity. To reduce these risks, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in November 2020 adopted the All-Electric New Construction Ordinance (PDF).

The Ordinance applies to all new buildings, both residential and non-residential, that apply for initial building permits on or after June 1, 2021. In such buildings, all indoor and outdoor space-conditioning, water heating, cooking, and clothes drying systems must be All-Electric. The ordinance prohibits installation of infrastructure, piping systems, or piping for distribution of natural gas or propane to such uses. The ordinance allows limited installation of gas piping systems for commercial food preparation, and in isolated cases if building All-Electric is determined to be physically or technically infeasible after all other options are exhausted. 

The ordinance does not impact additions or alterations to existing buildings with natural gas piping systems. The Ordinance prohibits retrofitting All-Electric buildings with gas piping systems.

Though the ordinance is a change, there are All-Electric buildings of all sizes and uses in San Francisco today. These buildings have complied with California’s Title 24 Energy Standards – combining energy efficient design with All-Electric equipment.

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