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Safe Drug Disposal Stewardship Ordinance for Repackagers

Section 2203(d) of the Ordinance requires that each Repackager whose label appears on a Covered Drug or its packaging, which is sold in or into San Francisco, provide a list of the manufacturers of those covered drugs. Repackagers must also provide a written notification as to whether each of these manufacturers intends to participate in a Stewardship Plan. This information is due within six months after the effective date of the Ordinance or six months after a Covered Drug is first sold in San Francisco, and only upon request thereafter.

The neighboring counties of San MateoSanta Clara, and Marin have each passed a similar local ordinance. Although each county has a separate and independent ordinance, all four ordinances have the same goal and the same requirements for Repackagers. The four counties are working together to streamline compliance activities. Companies are encouraged to make one common submittal to all applicable counties through this page.

  • Download the Repackager Submittal Template (Excel), and populate your list of producers of covered drugs that you repackage under your label and sell into the four counties.
  • Submit your list in Microsoft Excel by attaching it to the form below. Check the box(es) for the applicable county(ies).
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For any other questions, please email us at [email protected].

Remember! Your business may have more than one role under the Ordinance. 

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