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How to Set Up a Commuter Benefits Program

Commuter benefits enable employees to travel to work sustainably while saving money on their commuting costs.


Implementing and maintaining a commuter benefits program is an easy, inexpensive and effective recruitment and retention tool supported by Section 132(f) of the IRS tax code. This program is cost-effective, no matter the number of employees you have. Your employees benefit from saving money on their transit, vanpool or bicycle commute.

Here are step-by-step instructions for selecting and implementing a commuter benefits program for your business. 

1. Choose a Program

Consult our downloadable Employer Guide to learn about the different types of commuter benefits programs and which best fits with your company’s values, budget and employee needs. This guide is well-suited for an employer of any size and includes instructions for how to implement a program. 

2. Select a Vendor

After consulting our Employer Guide and researching the type of program that best suits the needs of your employees and company, decide whether you wish to administer your commuter benefits program in-house or use a third-party vendor. This list of vendors is a good starting point to determine how your company would like to administer the benefit.

3. Communicate to Your Employees

Once you have set up the system for deductions or subsidy payments, advise your employees of their options and the sign up procedure. Downloadable communications and promotional materials are available for employer customization and use. 

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