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SF Energy Watch Multifamily Plus Success Stories: Jordan Housing

Jordan Housing Corporation, owned by Conard House Inc., provides community based resources for San Francisco’s vulnerable adults living with serious mental illnesses and chronic medical conditions. Using a combination of counseling, treatment, and other programs, Jordan Housing helps clients self-manage their lives effectively. Although Conard Housing has been delivering services since 1960, Jordan Housing has been operating in San Francisco since 2004 at 820 O’Farrell Street.

Through the SF Energy Watch program, Jordan Housing replaced 245 incandescent light bulbs with energy savings bulbs in each of its 56-apartment units. The management also upgraded 20 linear fluorescent lights in the common areas, including the ground floor, electrical room and entertainment TV room. Occupancy sensors were installed in the trash area and laundry area to reduce energy use even more.

"Improving operations by making them more efficient is easy. It should be considered an investment that will ultimately pay significant dividends, both monetary and in quality of life. SF Energy Watch will help you figure out where you want to go and how you are going to get there."

The improvements Jordan Housing made through SF Energy Watch lowered both energy and maintenance expenses. The program’s incentive covered almost the entire project cost, enabling additional investments in energy-saving appliances, which are not available through SF Energy Watch. Residents have also responded by showing greater care for their building and the environment. As a result of the energy efficiency upgrades, both staff and residents of Jordan Housing have witnessed overall improvement to their community.

Benefits include:

  • Operating practices, cost and maintenance significantly reduced
  • Positive resident activity in response
  • Savings reinvested into the purchase of Energy Star appliances

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