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SF Energy Watch Success Story: 10 South Park HOA

The Board determined to upgrade its aging equipment while considering the benefit of energy use reduction and cost effectiveness. SF Energy Watch kicked-off the projects by providing a comprehensive energy assessment. The ensuing report provided estimated incentive-rebates which prompted the Board to replace inefficient lighting, ahead of schedule, as well as the domestic hot water system.

"SF Energy Watch is a triple-bottom line win. It generates work for local contractors who are up-to-date on energy efficiency technologies; it reduces the load on our local utilities – and the earth – by reducing energy consumption and it saves money for our homeowners. This is mentoring, managing and municipal activism in its most positive manifestation."


The Board used the services of SF Energy Watch participating contractors for both lighting and boiler installations. Both contractors quickly responded to its inquiries. Concurrently, the Department of the Environment staff was available to answer questions about equipment and rebate procedures.

In the common area, a total of thirteen (13) linear fluorescent fixtures with T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts were retrofitted with T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. In addition, motion sensors were installed so that 90% of the lights remained off unless activated by occupancy. All exit signs were upgraded from incandescent to LED.

* at $1 per therm

To further maximize energy use reduction, the Board decided to install a new domestic hot water system using the combined incentives from SF Energy Watch and the SF Boiler Systems Incentive program (SFBSIP). It includes a new Low NOx boiler, high-efficiency boiler digital controls with monitoring capabilities, and properly insulated hot water storage tank and pipes.With the support and financial incentives provided by the SFEW and SFBSIP programs, the Board was able to invest in the right energy efficient equipment, lower operating costs and become more environmental friendly.


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