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SF Energy Watch Success Story: Calvary Presbyterian Church

Operating since 1853, Calvary Presbyterian Church understands that energy efficiency benefits the community, the environment and the church’s finances. To address the need of upgrading the old, inefficient lighting throughout the building, Calvary turned to the SF Energy Watch Program in 2008 and again in 2012 for professional help, technical support, and financial incentives.

"SF Energy Watch staff made our lighting retrofit easy. They were there to give guidance, answer questions and were genuinely interested and concerned about the project." 

Lighting improvements were made in the library, chapel, sanctuary, meeting and music rooms, kindergarten, lounge area, hallways, and offices. Following the advice of the SF Energy Watch energy assessor, Calvary decided to replace the incandescent lights in the sanctuary chandeliers with long-lasting LEDs. Initially there was some concern over the aesthetic effect of installing 17-watt LEDs in place of the 200-watt incandescents that had been used in those ornate fixtures for years. But Calvary was very pleased with the results: the new lighting not only created an appropriate mood in the Sanctuary, it also reduced maintenance costs associated with the frequent replacement of short-lived incandescent lights.

With the help of SF Energy Watch, Calvary continues to demonstrate financial stewardship and environmental leadership in the community.

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