SF Energy Watch Success Story: Glide Memorial Church

Glide Memorial Church

Glide Memorial was established in 1929 at 330 Ellis Street. Its mission is to break the multi-generational cycles of dependency, poverty, and low self-worth by providing a spiritual home of unconditional love. Glide strives to create a health community by offering effective services in an environment of cultural diversity, including free daily meals, health services, women’s center, recovery program, housing, family services, drop-in emergency center, workforce development, volunteer resource program, and the Sunday celebration services with the Glide Ensemble.

"We appreciate the help and guidance of SF Department of the Environment. They led us down many green paths, and we look forward to more collaborations in energy efficiency and the greening of Glide."

WIth the help of SF Energy Watch, Glide Memorial upgraded over 1,200 light fixtures, installed 30 occupancy sensors and retrofit 36 LED exit signs. Also, they replaced gasket material in their walk-in cooler and installed strip curtains on doorways to two kitchen walk-in refrigerators. With almost $16,000 of savings on their utility bills annually, Glide has more money to devote to the important services they provide to the community.

Benefits include:

  • Energy savings go along with Glide Memorial Church’s mission statement
  • Non-obligatory professional free energy assessment
  • Money from energy savings were allocated to the organization’s programs