SF Energy Watch Success Story: IXIA


Located at 2331 Market St, IXIA has been creating sculptural floral arrangements reflecting the natural world for over 25 years. The owner was interested in saving money through energy efficiency retrofits but at the same time wanted to highlight the floral arrangements and merchandise throughout the store.

"I enrolled in the SF Energy Watch program to save energy and money. I'm very satisfied with the service and installation of the LED lighting. I would recommend this program to neighboring businesses."

After a quick energy assessment, the SF Energy Watch staff recommended LED lighting to meet his needs. After reviewing the program’s incentives and different recommendations, IXIA opted to move forward by using a SF Energy Watch participating contractor to install the energy saving lights.

IXIA replaced a total of 37 halogen lights ranging from 50 to 90-Watts to energy saving LEDs using only 3.5 to 17-Watts. The LEDs gave the store a bright yet directional lighting that enhanced the arrangements and merchandise. SF Energy Watch’s high incentive helped reduce the up-front cost of the project, but this was a wise investment.  IXIA’s new LEDs are not only 80% more efficient than the old halogen lights, but they will last about 15-20 times longer—lowering  energy bills for years to come. 

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings.
  • Employees are happy about the energy-efficiency upgrades
  • Great overall experience with the SF Energy Watch staff