SF Energy Watch Success Story: Precita Clean

Precita Clean

Operating since 1989, Precita Clean is a self-service Laundromat located 3210 Folsom Street on the edge of Precita Park in the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco.

After the SF Energy Watch preliminary energy assessment, Precita Clean replaced 52 older T12 lamps containing magnetic ballasts with 32 energy saving T8 linear fluorescents lights, electronic ballasts, and reflectors. Although the number of fixtures in the facility decreased, the brightness in the entire establishment actually improved. Additional retrofits performed include the replacement of 12 halogen lamps in the basement and the exterior area with efficient floodlights.

"The SF Energy Watch staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. They made the process simple and the results look fantastic. We are greener than ever!"

Precita Clean used the services of a SF Energy Watch’s participating lighting contractor to install the energy saving equipment. The Program’s high incentives covered the entire project cost of the upgrades resulting in instant savings. The improvements Precita Clean made through the SF Energy Watch program lowered energy use, energy costs and boosted environmental awareness.

Benefits include:

  • Improvement of the lighting quality and brightness in the entire facility
  • High incentives offered by the SF Energy Watch program resulting in instant savings
  • Contribution to environmental preservation by reducing the facility’s carbon footprint