SF Energy Watch Success Story: Presidio Community YMCA

Presidio Community YMCA 

Since 1997, Presidio YMCA located at 63 Funston Avenue provides comprehensive programs and services to meet the diverse needs of the Bay Area. It offers after-school and outreach programs to youth in nine of San Francisco’s public schools, as well as a fitness facility and an aquatic center for the community. The Presidio YMCA seeks to fulfill its mission to build strong kids, families, and communities by enriching the lives of all people in spirit, mind and body.

"We are so very pleased with our installed light fixtures! We plan on using SF Energy Watch to provide site assessments and guidance for all of our San Francisco YMCA branches towards YMCA's efforts to become Green Business Certified."

The Presidio YMCA replaced 14 T2 linear fluorescent lights and magnetic ballasts with T8 linear fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts in the basement. Also, the administration installed 2 LED exit signs and upgraded 22 metal halides with custom induction lighting in the pool area. Within a couple of months after the upgrades were completed, there was a reduction of about 20% in energy cost.

The Presidio YMCA took advantage of the free resources that the SF Energy Watch program offers. The detailed proposal generated by the SF Energy Watch specialist quantified the cost savings of energy efficiency, which prompted the Presidio YMCA to pursue additional environmental operating principles.

Benefits include:

  • The installation of energy efficient equipment contributes to YMCA efforts of becoming recognized as a Green Business
  • Pool area is brighter and the lighting more uniform
  • Employee excitement with Presidio YMCA's actions to conserve energy