San Francisco Environment Department

Community Climate Action Advisory Panels

During the spring of 2011 the San Francisco Department of the Environment Climate Team convened five community advisory panels to provide feedback and help shape the update to our Community Climate Action Strategy (CCAS).  Each of the five panels addressed key sectors, challenges and opportunities presented by the CCAS as well as the connection between climate policy, green jobs and underserved communities. Many of their recommendations have been incorporated into the Community Climate Action Strategy and the San Francisco Carbon Fund.  

Environmental Justice / Urban greening / Transportation / Energy / Business Council

Economic Prosperity, Jobs, and Environmental Justice

Historically, environmental policy has been presented as an either/or choice with economic development. At the same time, many of our communities most in need of economic development and opportunities are those most impacted by pollution and poor environmental conditions. This panel looked at the potential impacts that local climate policy could have on economic development and how to link green policies with local job creation and environmental justice values.

Environmental Justice recommendations (PDF) >

Panel members include:

  • Panel chaired by Anne Eng, Environmental Justice Program Manager, San Francisco Department of the Environment
  • Ingrid Brostrom, Center on Race, Poverty & The Environment
  • Laurie Bernstein, Goodwill Green Academy
  • Ian Fernando, Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development
  • Theresa, People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights (PODER)
  • Rachel Medema, California Interfaith Power & Light
  • Steve Suzuki, Asian Neighborhood Design
  • Ken Kloc, Environmental Law & Justice Clinic at Golden Gate School of Law
  • Helen Kang, Golden Gate University
  • Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange
  • Neal Hatten, Bayview Hunter's Point YMCA
  • Donald Oliveira, Calla Rose Ostrander, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Gray to Green, Urban Greening and Climate Change

In Gray to Green, community organizations and urban greening partners looked at the role trees, gardens and green spaces play in supporting climate action goals and community climate resiliency. Participants discussed how the City could better help organizations in their greening work.

Urban greening recommendations (PDF) >

Panel members include:

  • Panel chaired by Superintendent Ana Alvarez, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
  • Dan Flanagan, Doug Wildman, Friends of the Urban Forest
  • Arden Bucklin-Sporer, Green Schoolyard Alliance
  • Jeffrey Betcher, Quesada Gardens Initiative
  • Emma Pickering, ICLEI USA
  • Peter Brastow, Nature in the City
  • Laura Tam, SPUR
  • Julia Brashares, SF Parks Trust
  • Casey Allen, San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance (SFUAA),
  • Mei Ling Hui, Calla Rose Ostrander, San Francisco Department of the Environment

New Century Transportation, Moving the Future Forward

Participants in the New Century Transportation panel discussed strategies for shifting from single occupant vehicles to sustainable commuting modes, and reviewed and provided comment on SFMTA's Community Transportation Climate Action Strategy.

Transportation recommendations (PDF) >

Panel members include:

  • Marc Caswell, San Francisco Bike Coalition
  • Angelique Mahan, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods
  • Rick Hutchinson, CityCarShare
  • Beth Thomas, Caltrans District 4
  • Gary Bauer, Bauer Transportation
  • Marc Geller, Plug-in America
  • Elizabeth Stampe, WalkSF
  • Dan Bowermaster, PG&E
  • Laura Schewel, StreetLight Data
  • Timothy Papandreou, Peter Brown, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
  • Liz Brisson, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • Bill Zeller, Mari Hunter, Janelle Fitzpatrick, Calla Rose Ostrander, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Energy Independence, Global Technologies and Local Solutions

The Energy Independence panel focused on the role of natural gas in our buildings' carbon footprint. In conjunction with this effort, the Mayors 100% Renewable Energy Task Force addressed renewable electricity options. 

Energy recommendations (PDF) >

Panel members include:

  • Panel co-chaired by Zachary Brown, Building Managers Association International (BOMA) and Jeanine Cotter, Luminalt
  • Kristen Parrish, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Jonathan Kevles, Kevles Consulting; Chris Chappelle, SunWater Solar
  • Cal Broomhead, Danielle Murray, Pauli Ojea, Calla Rose Ostrander, Friday Werner, San Francisco Department of the Environment

The Business Council

San Francisco business community participated in the business advisory panel with several members fully endorsing the City’s aggressive emission reduction goals. 

Business Council recommendations (PDF) >

Representatives include:

  • Panel convened by Business Council on Climate Change
  • Fiona Berry and Melissa Capria, SAIC (chairs) 
  • Stephanie Glazer, Arup
  • Adrian Laekas, Bentley Prince Street
  • Nancy Shaw, Blue Shield of California
  • Julia Strzesieski, Cole Hardware
  • Jamie Owen, Clorox
  • Melissa Fifield, Gap Inc.
  • Sam Arons, Google Inc.
  • Jo Licata & Brian Mork, Hilton
  • Bill Peterson, New Resource Bank
  • Valerie Winn, Matthew Sturm, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Cathy Ikeuchi, Safeway
  • Elliot Hoffman, True Market Solutions
  • Stephanie Rico, Wells Fargo
  • Christina Page, Yahoo! Inc.
  • Calla Rose Ostrander, San Francisco Department of the Environment

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