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Custodial Green Cleaning

Products and practices used in traditional cleaning increase environmental and health impacts, health care costs, liability and insurance cost for the company.

Six out of hundred custodians file time loss or injury claims. With more than two million custodians in the US, that amounts to a total cost of more than $85 million. Green cleaning products and practices can result in up to 70% reduction in exposure to employees.

Green Cleaning Program:

San Francisco’s multilingual Green Cleaning Program covers the benefits of green cleaning, green cleaning products and procedures and proper disposal of waste and hazardous waste. Modules covered include:

• Dusting & Polishing
• Floor Care - Cleaning
• Floor Care - Resurfacing
• Carpet Care
• Kitchen/Food Areas
• Restrooms

97% of the custodians that went through the program liked using green cleaning products and 80% thought green cleaning products worked as well as traditional products. An extensive green cleaning product list can be found at SF Approved.

Resources for Owners and Managers:

The following resources are provided for owners and managers of custodial companies:

Green Cleaning Videos (English), (Cantonese)(Spanish) - for employee meetings
• Green Cleaning Factsheets (PDF) - (English), (Cantonese), (Spanish) - post in common areas for employees
Green Cleaning Flashcards (PDF) - (English), (Cantonese)(Spanish) - for employees to carry with them

In San Francisco, several custodial companies have completed San Francisco’s green cleaning pilot program and are recognized Green Businesses.

Want to do more?

Green your custodial company and get recognized for it by the City by becoming a San Francisco Green Business. Enroll in the Green Business Program and learn how to save on energy, water, and refuse bills, and reduce your exposure to hazardous substances. To learn more, call 415.355.3700.

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