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Tenants' Roles and Opportunities - Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance

One of the purposes of the Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance is to encourage both current and prospective tenants to have an interest in improving energy efficiency - because reduced operating costs can benefit both tenants and the landlord. 

Inspired by the Mayor’s Existing Commercial Buildings Task Force Report (2009), the Green Tenant Toolkit includes best practices for tenants and building management to engage in win-win environmental initiatives. It also includes a guide to integrating green lease language into negotiations, and a scorecard to summarize key sustainability metrics for any property – whether it has a green certification or not. The objective of the Green Tenant Toolkit is to eliminate barriers to sustainability throughout the life of a commercial lease, helping to minimize operating costs, save water, reduce carbon emissions, and increase energy efficiency. The toolkit was produced by a Business Council on Climate Change working group of twenty six professionals from leading commercial real estate companies, design and architecture firms, law firms, model tenants, and building trade organizations. 

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