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Furniture Retailers - Choosing Furniture Without Flame Retardant Chemicals


Starting in January 2019, all upholstered and reupholstered furniture sold in San Francisco must be free of flame retardant chemicals.

Upholstered furniture sold in San Francisco will need to have the TB 117-2013 and SB 1019 labels with an X next to “contain NO added flame retardant chemicals.” This ordinance only applies to new upholstered furniture and does not include used or second-hand furniture. However, this ordinance does apply to reupholstered furniture that contains new foam. In addition, certain new children's products are also included in the ordinance. 

In 1975, the state of California implemented a flame retardant standard for upholstered furniture. Flame retardant chemicals were used to meet this standard. Various studies since then have linked exposure to flame retardant chemicals to hormone disruption, lower IQ, attention problems, reproductive issues, and cancer. 

In 2012, Governor Brown asked for a review of the state's flammability standards and recommended changes to help reduce the use of harmful flame retardant chemicals while continuing to ensure fire safety. Manufacturers can now make furniture that meets safety standards without using flame retardant chemicals.

Many manufacturers have promised to stop adding flame retardant chemicals to polyurethane foam used in their products. 

Offer flame-retardant furniture to your customers.  

Get signage for your store.

Answer your customer's questions. 

Resources for Furniture Retailers

FAQs for Retailers Selling Upholstered Home Furniture in San Francisco (PDF) - Learn about the new flammability standards and labeling requirements.


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