sfe_zw_eatroots_carrot_750x375px.jpgEat roots, leaves.

Get to know your vegetables – from roots to leaves. Commonly discarded vegetable parts can be delicacies, when prepared properly. Make your food go further and expand your vegetable vocabulary by re-purposing food scraps: 

  • Broccoli stems - Entire broccoli stems can be eaten by steaming them, or try making broccoli stalk soup

  • Beet tops - Use beet tops as an alternative to chard.

  • Celery leaves, radish and carrot tops - Add a few celery leaves to soup, or use radish tops in a sautee dish or salad. Try making pesto with carrot tops if you don't have basil. To get vegetables with their tops on, visit your local farmer's market.

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