carrot_750x375px.jpgFreeze it.

Made too much chicken or soup? Bought too much bread? You can freeze practically anything. Before letting food go bad in your fridge, save it for a rainy day in your freezer.

Try freezing these foods:

  • Soup, stock, tomato sauce

  • Butter

  • Vegetable odds and ends and cheese rinds (for soup stock)

  • Chopped vegetables, herbs (try making herb cubes for soups and sautées)

  • Fruit, including over-ripe bananas (for smoothies or banana bread)

Make sure you properly prepare, package, and label foods with description and date, for safety and quality. Refer to the additional resources below for details on how to freeze foods.

Additional Resources

Freezing Instructions (National Center for Home Food Preservation)

Storing Frozen Food (USDA)

What Can You Freeze? (USDA)

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