sfe_zw_scientific_greens_750x375px.jpgOrganize your fridge.

Organize your refrigerator by temperature: As a general guideline, heat rises, cold falls, and the temperature of items in the fridge door fluctuates the most. Use a fridge thermometer if you want to learn precisely how your fridge keeps food cool.  

  • Top shelf: prepared food - Keep leftovers and prepared foods in plain sight at top. To call attention to these perishables, label your leftover area with an "Eat me first!" sign. 

  • Bottom shelf: meat - Keep raw meat in the bottom shelf where it's coldest.

  • Drawers: vegetables and fruit - Vegetables last longer in a drawer. They prefer humidity. Fruit goes in the crisper, a lower humidity drawer.

  • Fridge door: condiments - Condiments tend to last longer, due to their vinegar and salt content. These can be stored in the fridge door. 

Additional Resources

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