sfe_zw_shopsmall_bag_750x375px.jpgShop small. 

  • Don't overbuy. Just because there's a two-for-one sale doesn't mean you're saving money. By buying more than you need, you're essentially paying rent for storing products. 

  • Don't shop on a hungry stomach. If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, just remember that they’ll still be selling those beautiful tomatoes next week.

  • Take smaller trips. If possible, take smaller, more frequent trips to the market so you only purchase what you need.  

  • Enjoy a clutter-free kitchen. Can you see everything in your fridge and freezer? If your kitchen is packed with food, it may be hard to find what you need. 

Additional Resources

Shopping List Template (Food to Good to Waste/EPA/Palo Alto)  

Mobile Apps/Web Tools (Food to Good to Waste/EPA) - for meal planning, shopping lists, recipes 

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