The Department of Public Health performs air quality analysis to inform policy and planning decisions and improve air quality for all San Francisco residents, and two policies stand out for their focus on the built environment:

Second Hand Smoke Prevention

Implemented by the Department of Public Health, the goal of the Second Hand Smoke Prevention program is to protect children, non smokers, and persons with respiratory conditions from the risks associated with second hand smoke.

San Francisco Health Code Article 19F prohibits smoking in many public places around the city including restaurants, bars, City vehicles, enclosed multifamily housing common areas and service waiting areas and lines. Any complaints about smoking or second hand smoke in these areas can be reported to 311(for San Francisco residents) or to (415) 701-2311 (if outside of San Francisco). Read more about this ordinance here.

Air Quality Analysis for Planning

San Francisco Health Code Article 38 requires public agencies to prevent air quality related health impacts from sensitive uses proposed near busy roadways. The policy requires screening new developments for proximity to traffic and calculating particulate concentrations from traffic. For more information, visit the San Francisco Department of Public Health website.