Professional Wet Cleaning: Preferred Cleaning Method

Wet cleaning is a cleaning technology that uses specialized washers and dryers that control revolutions, temperature and moisture content of the clothes. Controlling these factors eliminates problems with damage to garments or shrinkage, concerns which are often associated with cleaning specialized garments in normal home washers. New professional wet cleaning machines allow us to go back to using water and soap.

  • o Health Effects to workers: Given that the workers are mostly using only soap and water, the health effects do not vary much from the ones of doing laundry at home. In addition the detergents can be odorless, biodegradable and low-toxic. As is the case with other professional garment cleaning technologies, cleaners will need to select spotting chemicals carefully to minimize potential hazards.
  • o Impacts to consumers: Consumers that use wet cleaning know that the clothes they send to the cleaners do not return home with any chemicals that might be harmful to themselves or their families. All of the clothes that can be washed in a dry cleaning system can be professionally wet cleaned, giving the consumer an option that provides the same quality in an environmentally sound fashion.
  • o Environmental Effects: There have been several studies that further verify that the environmental impact of wet cleaning is minimal. Multiple studies examining the wastewater leaving a wet cleaning plant have shown that wastewater from wet cleaning facilities is of little to no concern.6 Furthermore, cleaners that have switched to wet cleaning from traditional dry cleaning have found reductions in their energy bills and in many cases their water bills as well.7


Below are San Francisco's 100% Dedicated Wet Cleaners:


SF Green Clean

222 Halleck Street (at Lincoln Blvd.)

(415) 567-2100


SF Green Clean

2525 Jones Street (at Columbus Ave.)

(415) 771-8095


Pacific Heights Cleaners

2437 Fillmore Street (at Jackson St.)

(415) 567-5999


Bay Breeze Cleaners

1018 Hyde Street (at Pine St.)

(415) 474-5524


Vermont Cleaners

600 Vermont Street (at 18th St.)

(415) 647-8080


Pete's Cleaners

3859 24th Street (at Vicksburg St.)

(415) 647-2064