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Protect Our Local Pollinators (Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Bats)

Bees and other pollinators are declining in number. Pollinators (bees, butterflies, and birds) are necessary for the health of our food crops.

Bee-curious? Bird watcher?

Learn about how your neighbors are supporting bees and other pollinators (birds, butterflies, and bats):

Green thumb? Starting a garden?

If you're starting a garden, redoing an existing landscape, or growing a potted plant, you can grow food and habitat to support local pollinators. 

Pollinator gardens are a great way to attract bees, birds, and butterflies, as well as add beauty and life to your garden! Here's how to grow food and habitat for pollinators:

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為了拯救本地蜜蜂,三藩市將制定市政策保護授粉者 (PDF)

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