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Motor Oil


How do I dispose of my used motor oil responsibly? 

Used motor oil is a hazardous waste and does not go in any of the three refuse bins. It should be brought to one of our Used Oil Certified Collection Centers where it will get picked up for proper recycling.

How often should I change my motor oil? 

You don’t need to change your oil as often as you think. Find out how often you should change your oil.

Which type of motor oil should I use? 

Motor oil doesn’t wear out, it just gets dirty. Re-refined motor oil is good for your car, and equal in quality to virgin oil. Ask about the environmental and mechanical benefits of re-refined oil. 

What should I do with my other waste automotive fluids?

Non-lubricating oil such as brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze, and gasoline should be taken to Recology's Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. 

Do you change motor oil at your business? Learn how to receive 16 cents for each gallon of lubricating oil that you recycle!

When you sign up to become a State-certified Used Oil Collection Center and accept used motor oil from the public you increase your customer traffic, provide a valuable resource to your community, and receive a financial incentives. Learn how you can sign up by contacting our Used Oil Program Coodinator at 415.355.3760. 



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