San Francisco Environment Department

Pest Management Resources

General Pest Management Resources

Our Water Our World Pest Control - common pest problems

Beyond Pesticides Factsheets - managing pests without pesticides

UCIPM Pest Notes - guidelines on pest management, University of California 

School IPM HELPR - hazards of various prevention and treatment approaches, University of California

Landscape Pest ID cards with photos of pests & safer pest control tips - pocket-sized pest ID cards, University of California

Finding a Company That Can Prevent Pest Problems, Our Water, Our World (PDF)

Beyond Pesticides

Biointegral Resource Center

Pest Management in Landscapes

Bay Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Guidelines - certification for landscapes that addresses water, pesticides, plant selection, soils, and other issues

UC Tools for Healthy Lawns - all you need to know if you must grow a lawn


Bedbug Prevention Factsheet, San Francisco Department of the Environment, 2006
Central Ohio Bedbug Task Force - definitive bedbug reference for professionals and nonprofessionals
Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Bed Bugs in Shelters and Group Living Facilities, New York IPM Program, 2008

Bedbug Quick Relief Guide for Tenants and Homeowners, Central Ohio Bedbug Task Force
Bedbug Identification, Prevention, Management,  Northeastern IPM Center

Rats, Mice, and Other Rodents

Rat IPM Plan template - created for San Francisco’s IPM Program, 2006

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Schools

School IPM Program - handbook, guidelines, forms, and other resources for the state’s implementation of the Healthy Schools Act, California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Model IPM plans

California Academy of Sciences IPM Plan - example of an IPM plan for a modern museum

Pesticides & Pesticide Hazards

Pesticide Action Network  - one of the most useful online databases for quickly looking up hazards of active ingredients or pesticide products
National Pesticide Information Retrieval Database - definitive databases on registered pesticides, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Pesticides Registered in California - pesticide database, California Department of Pesticide Regulation
EPA Pesticide Product Label System - database of pesticide product labels, US EPA

National Pesticide Information Center - extensive resources on pesticide toxicology, employee health, and exposure
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides Fact Sheets

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